Caesar Dressing Recipe


" 5-minute Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing that tastes incredible is a total game changer to have a dairy-free Caesar dressing that’s rich and creamy, loaded with flavor and the perfect texture….and it’s totally plant based too! "

- Debra Klein


- Capers - Tahini - Lemon - Garlic - Dijon Mustard - Nutritional Yeast - Crushed Red Pepper

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Chop The Capers

Chop 2 Tablespoons capers until they resemble a paste. Mash in some of the nutritional yeast into the paste and then dump the paste into the tahini.

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Start The Dressing

Put Tahini into a small bowl. Zest lemon and garlic over the bowl. Add in dijon mustard, maple syrup, brining juice and then juice the lemon into the bowl.

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Serve & Enjoy

Mix together the dressing and crushed capers. Taste for seasoning, serve and enjoy!

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