Watermelon Gazpacho



"Watermelon gazpacho is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy more veggies. A tasty balance between sweet and savory and perfect for a hot summer day. "

- Debra Klein


Watermelon Cucumber Tomatoes Bell Pepper Scallions Jalapeño Peppers Mint Leaves Limes

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Prepare The Watermelon

Place cut side of half a watermelon down on cutting board for stability. Start on the top and cut off rind one section at a time. Then, cut into cubes. Set aside one cup to cut into small dice.

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Prepare The Vegetables

Set out two bowls. One will be for half the veggies that will be roughly chopped, to go into the blender. The other will be for the other half of the veggies that will be diced small to add to the finished gazpacho.

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Blend The Ingredients

Add 4 heaping cups of watermelon cubes, half the peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapeños and mint leaves into a blender. Mix until everything until well blended.

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Serve & Enjoy

Refrigerate for a few hours if you prefer to serve cold. Pour into glasses or bowls and add a hefty scoop of the small diced veggies into each serving.

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