Healthy Apple Muffins


" Healthy apple muffins are the ultimate grab and go breakfast! They’re vegan, gluten-free and this easy recipe is perfect for meal prep! "

- Debra Klein


- Almond Milk - Apple Cider Vinegar - Maple Syrup - Apple Sauce - Ground Flax - Oats - Almond Flour - Ground Cinnamon - Baking Soda - Ground Allspice - Small Apples

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Mix Wet Ingredients

In a large bowl, mix together milk, vinegar, maple syrup and applesauce until well combined. Stir iIn flax and let sit 10 minutes.

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Prep The Muffin Tin

Cut strips of unbleached parchment paper. Line muffin tin with 2 unbleached parchment strips (one in each direction for a criss-cross pattern) for easy removal of muffins.

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Add Dry Ingredients

Add dry ingredients (oats, almond meal, cinnamon, baking soda, all spice and sea salt) to the wet mixture and mix until well incorporated. Gently stir in apples.

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Bake The Muffins

Scoop into prepared muffin tin, filing evenly. Then bake for 20-25 minutes. Once bakes, take them out, serve and enjoy!

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